Christian Q and A

The questions and answers
at the far end of the 50th
high school reunion dinner table
with the missionary’s missionary
and his wife my schoolmate.

Were you an early Christian
or did you find it later?

Early, both early
don’t you remember
we were in 8th grade Bible study
and I carried my Bible
on top of my books?

Are you still a believer
(some people turn their backs
on God)?

I don’t know how you can
undo that deal
with it’s special phrase
“I accept Jesus Christ
as my personal savior”
and why would you?

And if your back was turned
it would do you no good
God would just be
loving your back.

And even then
the real forgetting
is that God is here
and here, and here.

There is no hiding
anywhere in a sentence
anywhere in a room
from the divine.

It is like asking
where is the water
while floating on the ocean.
You have to go out of your way
not to feel supported and filled.

Yes, If you believe in God
If you be/live in God
you are all wet
but in a good way.

And if people don’t give God a footnote
in their story of creation
the good news is that
God is not lessened for lack
of recognition, or credit
on our part.

And two musical and
educational missionaries
and one person more known
for meditation, yoga
and consciousness
can still hold hands
before dinner
and pray.

Author: Paul Stokstad

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