Comments on Paul by clients and subordinates


Jim Meade, Ph.D.

In promoting my book End Anxiety! I went looking for the best. And in Paul Stokstad I found just that for website building. Doing it myself, I was at a loss. What is SEO? How do I make the site beautiful? How do I help visitors navigate — what goes where and when? Paul is skilled, and, beyond skilled, he has tricks and shortcuts nobody else knows. He is, besides, a marketing genius, and I use that word quite consciously. You get it all if you hire Paul — website building and marketing positioning and hits on your website. If you can get him, grab him.

Nina Meade

Paul Stokstad stepped in when we were floundering around trying to make a new website for Jim’s book. He has been wonderful! He quickly grasped the content and context, and implemented a beautiful design in record time. He knows all the details of web design and worked with us to make a website that was light years beyond what we were capable of.




Tracy Karns

We originally attempted to create our own website, and realized quickly the results would be marginal at best.  Paul was very easy to work with.  He did an excellent job transforming our ideas into a very professional website.

Tracy Karns, Executive Officer, Closure Print




Paul is a great supervisor. As an employee, he always allowed me to be creative, and come up with ideas. We would then work together to figure out how to bring the ideas to fruition. Paul allows his employees the freedom to do work on their own but makes time to answer questions and give feedback. He helps to support his employees whether it be working on projects together or advocating for an employee’s success within a company. Paul is a friendly and kind person who likes to bring joy and fun into the workplace. He genuinely cares about his employees and wants the best for them (whether it be advocating for a raise for them, helping them get training in their areas of interest, or allowing them to work on projects that are suited to their individual interests and career goals).


Dustin Matos

Paul was my first marketing manager and I’ve now known him for nearly a decade. He has demonstrated himself to be an attentive manager and creative marketer while also fostering positive leadership values within his staff members. His ability to successfully tackle a wide range of modern challenges in the digital landscape is unique and noteworthy. You’ll certainly be hard-pressed to find a multi-talented digital marketing professional with the high level of experience that Paul brings to the table.

– Dustin Matos; Director of Marketing, Conest Software Systems

Ian Digges

Paul is one of the best managers I’ve ever worked with, still after more than 10 years. He is inspiring, creative, driven, innovative and reliable in everything he attempts. He hired me for one of my first jobs and gave me the opportunity to find my passions and let me pursue them to the benefit of the organization and my career. Getting to know him as a friend, Paul has been inspiring to me personally by always having a sense of humor and creativity while pursuing projects that are meaningful and will have a positive impact. Through his management style and personal integrity Paul has helped me develop a drive and confidence I value to this day.