What our friends on the right call “freedom” is really, at its core, “me-dom.” Yes, that American pride in rugged individuality has, entwined around it’s roots, a quality of “and you are on your own, sucker.”

Why else is it that socialism is such a dirty word? The “dang” to communism’s damn.

After all, Marxism/Communism/Socialism are not, in essence, ideas with bad intent, anymore than religions are, in principle, licenses to emotionally stunt, shame, sexually abuse and/or kill people.

Yes, our national obsession with freedom, at least as practiced (but not in principle), and with walling off other peoples from our perceived safety and success, is really our way of saying that whatever we have and whatever we are is for us alone, and that if we do “care” for you and support you, it is only to come over where you are and bomb or undercut you if you do not think or act like we do.

That is, unless you celebrate individual “freedom” with an undercurrent of me-dom, then you are suspect and a threat to us.

In any case, the probability exists that such an imbalance is not merely a benign tendency, but that all the energy that we see targeting our comfortable citadel of exclusive consumption, while we feel free to meddle in countries with sophisticated, very different values, far away, will continue to make us a target for retribution.

And we wonder why they don’t like us. But it’s really not that hard to come up with a case for any other culture being a problem for one’s own society – even when you sit outside of and ponder the U.S.

If we persist in this freedom/me-dom, we may find that our entire system is subject to a serious reset, and perhaps rightly so.

Stay tuned, and enjoy every day that you can, just now when we have it so good.

And, when you can, remember an America, as a concept, that is a hope for the world, not an armed, walled-off, exclusive camp.

Such places tend not to last.

Author: Paul Stokstad

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