I’m voting for you this time
not for Hillary, or Bernie, or Donnie, Jack or Jill,

I’m voting for you
to find love
learn what you need
laugh, play, discover

For you and the policeman
or you as the policewoman
to know, understand and laugh together

For you of this faith
to smile and treasure
you of that faith

For you of this gender
to nourish and protect
this my sister
this my brother

For you of this color
to snuggle up and smile
next to you of that color
as we of these colors
make a big rainbow

For me of this love
to celebrate you
of that love, and to know
that more love is
a good thing

My real vote this time
is for you
the big you
the happy
enlightened you

Welcoming you now
to your inauguration
your birthright
as the President
of the united states
of you