Naked white men
standing on the hill
up until now
dressed in rags, hidden
in the crags and caves
of this holy mountain

Now crawled to the top
clothes off
patting each other
on the back

“See how we are dominant
again, see how we rule,
how we run the world again?”

Still, standing and watching you the naked white men
on top of the hill,
we see you, again.

We see you naked, there,
you cannot hide.

We see you for what you are
and all that you were
hiding in the shadows.

Now out in the sunlight
of consciousness
you cannot hide.

You think you have won but no,
you have only
come out of hiding
so that we can watch you shrivel and shrink
there in the high pure air.

It is only fitting that your crumbling bodies
should dry to powder,
there in the bright sunlight,
and then,
due to an eastern wind,
blow away,
in a long thin cloud of dust.