Our cats arrived pre-named, and so we had little to say about that. I didn’t feel bound to the previous monikers, but was outvoted early. To me names that would be more appropriate for Roxie and Ted would be something that implied explorer or lightning bolt on the Ted side, and “the inspector” or “sniffer” for Roxie.

We have acquired a sort of push through screen door so that the door can be open to let fresh air but no bugs in. It is easily pushed through by a cat nose for a sort of cat door as well.

Teddy runs through the thing like its some kind of shadow. Roxie creeps up to it, sniffs it, and if it is the slightest bit ajar, jumps through in a leap of faith.

While Teddy we assume ranges blocks away in his daily and nightly travels, we normally find Roxie sitting under a bush somewhere in the yard. In comparison to the streak of fur known as Ted, chasing rabbits, Roxie can usually be found sniffing her way along the side of the house, or along the fence.

Teddy will come and sit on you lap, or sleep curled up next to you, but Roxie will come sit on you for while, purr, and then move on. She doesn’t to be picked up. She likes to hang out with you on the floor.

And she is a talker (OMG).

It’s as if a Martian in distress has landed in your living room and has a whole tale to tell about losing a few friends on the way past Alpha Centauri, plus the need for special supplies back at the ship, and you simply have no clue. Occasionally there is clearly something wrong that you can fix, like the time she got her leg though her collar and the thing was circling her body like a bandolier of bullets in the Magnificent Seven. But usually it’s like the guessing game with a crying baby. Food? Open the door? Teddy missing? What?

There are so clearly personalities (catsonalities? cattitudes?) attached to each of our little animals that is a source of continual fascination. It’s not just two cats.

It’s Roxie and Ted

Or Sniffer/Snatcher

Search and Destroy