The cup is where it usually is
my placemat on the west
side of the table

Just now my wife is at work
instead of in her usual seat
there across from me

All these years I have watched and listened
over one table or another
her growth from tied to free

And as she has grown
she has pulled me
along with her, since

When you live with someone
who is moving toward the light
all of your dark corners, too
become illuminated, and

Everything that I thought was
just the way I am, live with it
became revealed as a sham,
a mask, a coping strategy

And then, sitting up those little imps,
those ogres, those tired habits, in your mind,
and telling them, one by one, I thank you
for your service, you are free to go

And letting them disappear
like a timelapse speeded video
over Nova Scotia
is a wonderful thing
as the true coast of who you are appears
rugged, bright, green, and
reaching to an ancient sea