So now that the dust has more or less settled from the election I thought I’d handle a few minor issues of discussion, like why Hillary lost, what she and her supporters got wrong (mea culpa), the problem with the democratic party, what to do next, etc.

Shouldn’t take long.

First of all, let’s face it, Bernie had a few points of interest, and as it turns out, he was more right than we thought.

Not that we didn’t all think he was right, just that we (some of us) thought, ” that sounds great, but no way will that get past the stop-publicans.”

I think it’s clear why someone would want Bernie, right away. No more gridlock (in theory) with the republithings, no more shmoozing up to the super wealthy, no more sword rattling.

All squeaky clean new government.

Which would of course somehow require getting some ‘publicans on your side, but more on that later, I suppose.

I think the Bernie thing was all about having no more cowardly democrats.

What makes a cowardly democrat? Someone who really wants universal healthcare but thinks it’ll never happen. Someone who thinks college should be free but says “yeah, right, that’ll happen soon, I’m sure” when Bernie brings it up.

Plus thinking that you really do have to kiss up to big money or you’ll never get elected due to their influence, or in any case you’ll get steamrollered by the republibucks.

And that sense that you really have to be willing to kill people or nobody will take you seriously (cough drone strikes cough).

So, it’s now clear that pussyfooting around just doesn’t cut it (there’s that word again!)

Trump can say hey, I’m a sexist billionaire, live with it, and people love and vote for him.

And then there’s Bernie saying yes I’m a socialist, we’re all socialists, we always have been socialists, eat my boxer shorts.

Brave, you see. Direct. Apolitical. No waffles, no buttering up, nothing overly sweet and syrupy.

Speaking of breakfast, by the way, and the smell of napalm in the morning, there’s a persistent sense that the republicans are fine with killing people anywhere necessary and that the democrats are just pretending.

So, what would a brave democrat be like?

Let’s face it, she would be like Bernie.

No war.

No government run by money interests.

Universal healthcare.

Free college.

And that’s just for starters.

Main course, no tax writeoffs for corporations, everyone gets to decide what part of the government their taxes pay for, and your corporate tax payout choices are part of your PR profile.

If you are a government agency you compete with other agencies for public goodwill (tax selections), and if you have a surplus you support other agencies of your choice.

In that newtopia, taxes are for people who don’t know what to donate to.

And wealthy people are treasured because of how much good they are doing. In fact, wealth for just you will be simply… gauche.

Its the new social capitalism, where your goal is to make as much as you can for yourself, your employees and society all at the same time.

So, go for what you really want and quit thinking you can’t have it.

Compromising who you are to make the republiculpables happy apparently means you lose both your soul and the election.

We have a new world, a new society and a new economy to build.

None but the brave deserve the fair…. ness.