The Grand Canyon, for Risë

It may seem surprising
but when I got this house
I didn’t know it was right next
to the Grand Canyon

I got here at night,
after long travel
in other states
and other stories
and this was to be
my last stop

It was only some years
later that I learned
that this house
is right by the Grand Canyon

I walked out back one day
and what started out
as a sort of crack of light
when I got closer
turned out to be
a deep silence, with eons
of story, layered in ochre,
red and sand.

Standing at the edge of that
vast expanse, there is a sort
of awe, an ancient knowledge, an openness that is bigger
than my story
or your story
or any story

Now and then, people come
with questions
to ask the Canyon:
What was that about?
Who was that?
Why did this happen?
What will they do next?

And her answer
is almost always
to open, unwind,
flow deeper, yet sometimes
there is a saying, such as
You are not what
You think you are,
You are not doing
what you think you are doing,
What you think is happening
is not what is happening
(deeper forces
are at work).

Sometimes when we walk
the Canyon and I
through the neighborhood,
people drive by, and wave,
little knowing that
what is really walking by me
is an ancient wisdom
that never fails to fascinate
as the sun moves
east to west
across the convoluted
complex and yet
flowing landscape
and each day with her
brings a new turn,
a new depth
a new revelation

Author: Paul Stokstad

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