Even though I’m still all over Brady’s Daily Tennis lessons, (today it’s about getting your serve deep in the box – or not) he occasionally points people all over the place to support other pros. He probably makes a commission on that sort of thing, but so what if it’s good info? If I were doing a daily tennis lesson I think I’d need a break now and then, too.

Due to his lead (as I recall) I spent some time over at Essential Tennis, and in an uncharacteristic step, I actually bought one of their course access packages.

There’s so much free stuff on tennis out there that I can hardly get to all of it, and sadly, I’ve purchased tennis instructional info in the past that I simply didn’t have the time to even use.

But this time I actually went through the Serve Mastery course, and yet another serve rebuild is underway.

To describe my strokes as works in progress is apropos in the extreme, since I am constantly tinkering with this or that adjustment. My backhand is a slowly evolving object of fascination, tweaks to which my wife has patiently listened to for many years.

But the serve is not far behind, since there are so many opinions out there on the thing, and, if you had asked me a month ago, I could have listed 6 serves that I was nursing along, with varying degrees of success and intention associated with each.

Last week I was trying out the extremely turned away (McEnroe -like) platform stance advocated by Jeff Salzenstein of Tennis Evolution [A.K.A. – Buggy Whip Jeff), but I just couldn’t get any pace on the ball.

This week it has been a complete rebuild based on the Essential Tennis course (on the list here), and as much as I like every aspect of what they say, I have so little time for a basket of balls serve practice here in mid-January 2021 in the middle of multiple restrictions on court-time, and I had to abandon all the new stuff in the middle of my Saturday doubles group because I was losing serve game after game trying to incorporate all the new stuff.

It takes a while for changes to be stabilized.

And it’s not just the serve, since, even though want to add specific changes on my backhand that have been perfectly clear intellectually for some time, the actual change on court rolls in at a glacial pace (pre-global warming).

And then one day it’s there, and it starts to look more like Wawrinka.