Today like many days started with tennis, at least in the active phase. The inactive phase continued the ongoing negotiation between sleeping and waking, which usually results in a 4 am trip to the bathroom, followed by a wakeful period where dreams of mini-novellas crash at about 6 am due to the backlash of unresolved fatigue. The interim could anything from a trial meditation (usually ending back in sleep), an audio book, getting ahead on some work emails, or even an entire episode of Game of Thrones.

In any case the result is the same – somehow I finally get rested enough – through some combination of sleep and a full meditation, to enter the day.

First thing, as often as possible, is about an hour of tennis, which on thursdays right now means a session with Dearmond Briggs, whose style of tennis is so opposite from everything I’ve done with the game for 53 years that I am truly being stretched.

Lots of growth to be had on all levels. More on that to come.

Teddy is curled up on my desk over there on the left of the computer, his nose covered by his tail.
Rise’s father Dean is visiting tonight, and they are looking at jyotish charts
Arden and Robyn still in Germany visiting nephew Bryan and kids
Jan in the nursing home
Johan late coming back from the artwalk with his best friend Matia.
Day one, Pauldejour….