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The Rainbow Coalition documents 307 rainbow sightings this weekend in the Continental US. Observers note the increased adoption of the cultural practice of kissing whoever is closest to you in case of rainbows, regardless of race, nationality, height, weight, nationality, sexual orientation or college football team loyalties.

The final dissolution of all state boundaries within the former United States has been completed, just in time for the naming ceremony of the new country, “The United.”

The resolution of the centuries long abortion debate has been finalized with the SITB protocol, which advises mothers and others regarding whether the soul is in the body yet, typically at about the five month point.

Full dissolution of the ancient Demotic and Republicant parties has been completed due to the advent of the digital kleroterion and the new sortition-based (jury-duty style) elections.

Incomes have been increased by 10% this year for artists, musicians, writers and dancers in Public Artist positions.

Attendance at time-zone synchronized global peace meditations has increased significantly over last year.

Zero waste packaging on the rise, and several communities in Wyoming report no trash buildup or non-recyclables this year.

The Global Cooling effect is starting to take effect, and East Coast cities such as Cincinnati note an increase in coastline space.

Author: Paul Stokstad

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