First of all remember
that the sun is fully shining
and though right now
the entire planet
seems to be in the way
somewhere it is still
brightest day

only on this side
of the world
is it dark
and on the other side
and everywhere else
throughout the galaxy
our sunlight reaches
in years of light

Secondly, the sun
is just an analogy
for the real light
inside everything

So even in the darkside
of what is after all
a sun moon
on this earth
in the basement
under the covers
there is golden light
in the air
from within
this is not a metaphor
hidden in a poem
I see it, right now

Even Dr. Hagelin,
that physicist
will tell you that
all the world we see
is somehow light
so even in the dark
we are not only in light
but made of it

So when the times
are dark
know this
that those of us
who know this light
must touch it and
spend time in this
inner light
every day

and must also
hold tightly onto
and treasure each other
like children asleep
in soft pyjamas
in the night

knowing that our sun will rise
again someday, to warm
our shining faces
our glowing hearts