Where is that cub
Mother Lion?

He left today
out into the field

Where is that cub?

He used to tuck
his little body
next to you
in our bed of grass

Fearful thing
I suppose
he needed you
and you him

From my side
I understood
cubs need their mother
mothers need their cub

I allowed this
as a part of the way

Knowing that someday
the cub would leave you
out into the field

What would you do then
with the cub gone?

Even so, sometimes with you
on the hunt, I would allow
that cub – his little body –
to tuck beside me
in his sleepy times

Not of course with you back
but sometimes
but of course
I had no need of this

Still, now
I look to the horizon
and ask you
Mother Lion
where is that cub?