Web Content Samples

For a web marketer, providing writing samples is a challenging task similar to delivering a bunch of sample popsicles in the summer: online text tends to quickly melt away or change shape with edits or new input.

Plus a lot of web writing is like roadsigns on the highway: it’s only there to move the reader on the the next step, i.e. – Google ads, newsletters, blog posts, etc.

Even so, we can find some samples: such as:

Web marketers create hundreds of web graphics, web buttons, mastheads, process photos for web pages, blog posts and social media. In addition, there are many helper applications that enable web authors in quickly creating professionally designed web videos and graphics for insertion into websites. Some of the most useful allow you to update the item on their websites and the changes you make automatically show up on your client’s website

Here are some samples of helper application content that I have either used in the past or which are even now in use online:


Infogram (these would be digitally inserted into a customer’s web page, and can also be downloaded as graphics for print applications)

Vizzlo – all sorts of graphic applications, such as fundraising thermometers (many in use)