The site has a long history, since it represents my personal writing but is also the latest in a long line of websites that have represented my online professional services, either in the form of the 1996-98 Creative Department, the subsequent Atrium Intermarketing site, or the multiple looks and roles of the site itself:

In addition, considering that I have been working online sine 1996,  there have been many web projects that were either subsets of, personal writing, peace-themed blogs or even comedic, such as:

Finally, as  I created a succession of sites for many clients, including my wife’s (legacy) pilates site. is a website that supports my part-time Pickleball teaching activities. It includes a number of short Youtube instructional videos that I produced and edited. is still available online, though I have paused publication. It was a digital poetry publication that was actively publishing for about six months in 2017. It’s designed on the lovely Origin template from Elegant Themes.