You can’t find my synagogue
Because I’m not even Jewish

You can’t vandalize
this synagogue
Because it is invisible

You can’t reach
this synagogue
because it is made
of hope, reverence, tradition,
a long study of the torah,
a deep care for knowledge, learning,
and mystical beauty

You can’t paint slogans on
this synagogue
because it is hidden from view,
shared among people
who love each other,
care for each other

You can’t touch this
because it is passed
like a candle
from heart to heart
deep inside
from Jewish person
to Christian person
to Muslim person
to unlabelled person
as a love, a respect,
and a deep connection that
cannot be painted, marked,
or even seen

But it can be felt
by those with a heart to feel
a hand to touch,
an eye open, and
a light on, deep inside