Digital marketing – Web content development

Paul Stokstad

Whether you need text, images, or how to navigate web ads, site architectures or any number of digital toolsets, I can help you.

A guide for your online project

It’s 1885, and you’re standing in St. Louis with wife and child. You’ve spent most of your money on a Conestoga wagon and several oxen. Ward Bond and “Wagon Train” are almost a century away, but you still need someone who has been to California and back to guide you and your friends across the prairie. Flash forward to 2023, and you are running a business into a world of Social Media, Analytics, CSS and ChatGPT, and you need someone who has done there, been that. Better call Paul.


Years of innovative work based on a deep knowledge of language: linguistic study, poetry writing, improv theater, a penchant for exactness and persistent cre8tivity.

Website Development

User-centric Site architectures, Wireframing, Content inventories, Verbal and Visual Content, WordPress/Divi design

Brand Design and Strategy

Product names, logo design, positioning, domain search and acquisition


Web ads, landing pages, and both SEO research and page optimization, while also juggling three plates.

Online since the beginning

At the risk of revealing extensive experience, I’ve been doing web marketing since Mosaic was the only visual browser. So, I’ve seen a lot and watched the web grow from A to 01111010


years online


Means valuable and deep experience that you can rely on.

I work with you

There it is, that idea emerging from your cranium. A new business, a non-profit, that book you’ve been birthing. But you don’t need to go it alone, you can have allies, people who are inspired by your vision and can add to the show. Sure, you wrote a movie script, but you need a director, cinematographer, locations, costumes, and lights. Let me be of support to bring your emerging thought into the light of day, digitally speaking.

Check out what people say about Paul

These comments are from clients but also from co-workers and subordinates from times where Paul has worked in corporate settings

“Paul is skilled, and, beyond skilled, he has tricks and shortcuts nobody else knows. He is, besides, a marketing genius.”

Jim Meade

” Paul was very easy to work with. He did an excellent job transforming our ideas into a very professional website.”

Tracy Karns

” You’ll certainly be hard-pressed to find a multi-talented digital marketing professional with the high level of experience that Paul brings to the table.”

Dustin Matos

Paul is a friendly and kind person who likes to bring joy and fun into the workplace. He genuinely cares about his employees and wants the best for them.”


“Paul has been inspiring to me personally by always having a sense of humor and creativity while pursuing projects that are meaningful and will have a positive impact..”

Ian Digges

“Paul Stokstad stepped in when we were floundering around… He knows all the details of web design and worked with us to make a website that was light years beyond what we were capable of.”

Nina Meade

Ready to go big?

It’s my joy to work with you in navigating the complex but fascinating world of web marketing while we collaborate in manifesting your vision. Let’s talk.