Before we launch (lunch?) into this week’s menu, can we talk a bit about who is having fun at Crumbl? Obviously the copywriters, who describe these foodie items in luscious detail. But let’s also consider the photographers, who set a challenge before all of the Crumbl employees each week – to consistently create a cookie that looks as gorgeous as the online versions. Plus providing material for the hedonist home page videos…. OMG, you can gain weight just watching those. It’s a visual designer’s dream.

Cinnamon Fry Bread

I’ve never had fry bread, but it sounds yummy. There’s a lot of history behind it, but for some it’s just homey and wonderful. Let’s just call it this week’s combination of basic, simple and intriguing. It almost seems like a food item rather than a treat. So, maybe those calories don’t count.  ! )

Raspberry Lemonade

Odd how a cookie can evoke an entirely different experience – a picnic on the grass, pink lemonade in hand, and some kind of gooey cake as part of it all. A lovely thought – lemon cookie, lemon icing, with a touch of raspberry. A taste of summer in the middle of January.

Oatmeal with Rolos

Another week with a “guest star,” in this case Rolo candies in an oatmeal cookie base. Anyone who has ad a Rolo knows that will mean a chocolate/caramel explosion in a chewy package. Very attractive in terms of texture and taste.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake, cookie, chips, fudge, frosting, shaved curls. If chocolate rings your bell, it’s time for church.

Milk Chocolate Chip

This girl shows up every week. Comforting, reliable, warm. Dreamy. There probably is no reason to look further. But then all the other party goers show up. But if you want the tried and true, she’s always there. And if you’ve ever watched a movie, she’s the one the audience is voting for by the end.

Classic Pink Sugar

They say classic sugar, but then there’s that pink touch. There’s something calming and feminine about pink. Food and feminine? Maybe there’s a maternal touch there. Then they throw in some almond flavored icing. Almost like marzipan. Sure, classical, but like Mozart. It’s music to your mouth.