Why does it seem like 1984 here in 2022?

Why is it that nothing is is what it says it is?

There is nothing religious about the Religious Right. There is no compassion there, no love thy neighbor, no turn the other cheek. These are not nice people, not forgiving, caring, or kind. They just aren’t right. Not right in the head. Not on the right side of history (they are all about the past).

And not right about the economy, the investment value of education.

There are no fraudulent votes. That is a mirage to steal your vote

Hispanics aren’t taking your jobs. You won’t do the jobs they take. Their kids are now your doctors and accountants.

What’s the opposite of progressive? Regressive. Retroactive. Repressive.

Fake news was created by the Right. They made up the term to cast doubt on legitimate news outlets so they could peddle their own lies.

Welcome to 1984. It has been 38 years now. It’s an extended visit.