No one should really be shocked by my title. If you are please re-read this.

Everything that they say is a lie.

There is no truth there anymore.

At one time they may have at least appeared to represent something like fiscal responsibility, but even then it may have been a lie.

If you are republican you are either a liar, living a lie, or laying down with liars. (Your choice.)

There is nothing good about the Republican party.

When did they ever do anything?

They have no ideas. They have no plan.

They are only good for putting down, delaying, defunding or denying other people’s plans.

They are the champions of NO.

No child support, no abortions, no immigration, no taxes.

The only time they say yes is when they or their friends or some corporation gets wealthier

Trickle down is a lie. It never worked.

Republicans are good for nothing, and bad at everything.

The economy has consistently done better under Democratic presidents.

After 9/11, the world felt sorry for us.

After George Bush the last, they didn’t.

With D. Trump the world laughed at us and cried for us.

More on the big bad loser later.

In the meantime, for heaven’s sake. please don’t date a Republican.

He’s lying.