I know that I mentioned the Crumbl home page videos, but let’s take another look, since they are a sort of foodie enticement that is hard to ignore. Weighing in with what appear to be one second per scene short videos, apparently shot at what appears to be the distance of an about-to-be-eaten cookie, they are food temptresses of an extraordinary sort. You may need to wear a bib to view them in case your salivary capabilities go into overload.

Banana Cream Pie

We all undersnad what a cookie is, and what banana cream pie, is but this is neither and both. Too small to be a full pie, and yet, while it is a (large) cookie in size, it appears to actually feture a pie crust. In effect, you can always tell yourself “It’s just a cookie” which hardly breaks the diet. But we have to ask ourselves: what othe major dessert groups can Crumbl raid and put into a cookie? Other pies of course, but cake, ice cream, cotton candy? Who knows – the sky (cookie sized) is the limit. BTW the video on this one is disturbingly luscious. Do not view while driving. 


And where we are already, Crumbl borrowing Oreo thunder, but wiith a cake-like cream cheese frosting. All kinds of happy references for both the inner child and the knowing adult. And there’s the circular laying on of frosting in the video, followed by Oreo snow. Dreamy.

Ultimate Peanut Butter

The “ultimate” in this choice is justified by the term “filled with peanut butter” which hints at a gooey surprise inside. A quick check shows that theory supported by the video. And what’s not to like? A combo of dry and wet textures, plus there is a hint of Mom in the kitchen in the phrase “rolled in sugar.” You can just see round balls of dough in sparkling outfits, waiting for their hot time in the oven.

Ruby Chocolate Chip

Last week Crumbl introduced us to Fry Bread, and now they treat us to a whole new kind of chocolate. I had to do a search on ruby chocolate, and it does sound divine. Again we have an almond flavor, and then pink and white chips. Sadly, I can’t eat chocolate. But that rule only applies for certain to shades of brown. I am SO willing to try an alternate color/flavor. And did I mention that the nearest Crumbl is 90 minutes away?

Classic Pink Sugar

They say classic sugar, but then there’s that pink touch. There’s something calming and feminine about pink. Food and feminine? Maybe there’s a maternal element there. Then they throw in some almond flavored icing. Almost like marzipan. Sure, classical, but like Mozart. It’s music to your mouth.

Classic Chocolate Chip

This girl shows up every week. Comforting, reliable, warm. Dreamy. There probably is no reason to look further. But then all the other party goers show up. But if you want the tried and true, she’s always there. And if you’ve ever watched a movie, she’s the one the audience is voting for by the end.